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Holi is also known as the Festival of colors in India. It is a spring festival and perhaps the happiest and most colorful religious festival of the Hindus.

Celebration of Holi

The Holi celebrations begin on the last day of Phalgun. People collect sticks and straws lying in streets at a place. At night they gather at that place and set fire to the huge pile of sticks and straws. They sing songs to the accompaniment of drums. They are mad with joy. They break up when the fire fades out.
The main celebration follows the next day. People are in a happy mood. They sprinkle colored water on another. They smear their faces with colored powders. Children spray colored water on the passes by.

Evils Of Holi

Holi has got some evils. Many people get drunk on this occasion. They indulge in rowdy behavior and apply colors that are dangerous for health. Some people sing indecent songs and abuse women. This should never happen.

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